After OpenZeppelin audits, Matter Labs repairs security flaws in zkSync Layer 2


The most recent security assessments of zkSync by OpenZeppelin revealed 45 vulnerabilities, of which 40 have been addressed by Matter Labs.

OpenZeppelin, a supplier of smart-contract security solutions, has disclosed the results of its most recent security audits of zkSync, a zero-knowledge, proof-based scaling solution built by Matter Labs. Reportedly, the audits identified a number of flaws, most of which have been resolved.

The Matter Labs team has rectified 40 of the 45 vulnerabilities discovered in OpenZeppelin’s two prior audits, including two critical and two medium-severity concerns, according to an OpenZeppelin statement shared with The Block.

The most recent audit, which finished in December, focused on zkSync’s “bootloader” mechanism as well as three more smart contracts for Layer 2 systems with accompanying interfaces and one library.

ZkSync is a ZK-rollup scaling solution that supports Ethereum blockchain compatibility. It intends to provide developers with the opportunity to transfer their applications from Ethereum mainnet to zkSync Layer 2 with cheap gas prices and rapid transaction speeds, without affecting the security of Ethereum. As part of a three-step procedure to put the Layer 2 network into public usage, the alpha version of zkSync 2.0 was published on October 28.

OpenZeppelin and Matter Labs have decided to continue working together to strengthen the security of zkSync for the long term in light of their successful relationship. The security assessments have bolstered the dependability of zkSync’s network security, according to the team.

“Since working with OpenZeppelin has shown such positive results, Matter Labs’ head of security Anton Astafiev is pleased to announce that the company will be expanding its relationship with OpenZeppelin to make zkSync even safer and more dependable for its customers and ecosystem projects.”

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