Andrew Tate thinks Bitcoin is the only option since ‘dollar’s f**ked’


It is well-known that Andrew Tate, a social media figure and former professional kickboxer, is a huge Bitcoin (BTC) supporter.

He has lately expressed the opinion that the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform may really end up being the only legitimate option for wealth and investments.

In his X article on April 28, Tate made the case that the US dollar, real estate, and other assets might be “f**ked” by the government as authoritarianism increases, leaving only the first cryptocurrency as a viable alternative.

In recent weeks, the controversial influencer with a massive following disclosed his Bitcoin dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy, which he has been employing “every single week without fail” since 2018 to spread his ideas via X (formerly Twitter).

According to Finbold’s report from April 15, he has also backed Venom, the newly released Layer-0 blockchain on the mainnet. He predicted that Venom “would be massive regardless” of whether his social media followers purchased it on his suggestion, and he implied that he didn’t care either way.

Actually, Andrew Tate also made reference to his previous posts, which included an offer to his followers to join a newsletter where he would share “how to get rich with crypto” and a claim that he had “found one” of the “genuinely technologically useful or innovating blockchain coins.”

But he had previously called crypto enthusiasts the “most degenerate losers on the globe,” saying, “crypto is the only situation I can conceive of where you can earn a large load of money while helping society none.”

Tate, who along with his brother Tristan Tate owns a fleet of cars worth an estimated $4–$12 million, asked his followers in early April if he should “buy 10,000,000 of bitcoin,” a clear indication that he intended to purchase $10 million worth of Bitcoin.

In addition, he has said that he earned $85 million on “Defi land” during the last bull run, suggesting that there may be valuable digital assets floating about and challenging his followers to identify them.

Surprisingly, among the most bullish long-term estimates for Bitcoin’s price is a staggering $1.18 million by the end of the next decade, or in December 2040, according to AI algorithms. This prediction is in line with other similarly optimistic projections.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, was trading at $62,330 as of this writing, indicating a daily fall of 1.93%, a weekly decline of 5.56%, and a cumulative monthly decline of 10.89% according to the most current chart data.

The crypto asset with the greatest market value has been consolidating below $65,000 for some time now, and historical performances and technical analysis (TA) signs both point to a possible major collapse in the next few months.

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