In this article we will explain how your one small decision with small Investment in cryptocurrency can result in a big profit.

In this article we will not only cover positive points but also we will cover negative points which should be known by everyone before we get into cryptocurrency Investment.

And also we will explain how cryptocurrency investments are more safe than other fiat based SIP ( systematic investment policies).

Why To Choose Cryptocurrency Investment?

This is the first and main question for every newbie in this world that why they should go with cryptocurrency Investment instead of fiat based politics or in Gold like assets which exist in real life.

Answer is “High Return On Investment”.

Lets consider any type of Investment field except cryptocurrency. We can make maximum 10% to 100% in one year, if our luck is good. Otherwise we will get even less than 10% return of Investment in one year.

Whether we should go with any mutual fund investment or stock market Investment or simply fix deposit schemes which are offered by banks, we can’t make more than 10-20% in favourable circumstances.

But if we invest in good cryptocurrency assets for two to three years then we can get 2 to 100 times or more return in favourable circumstances.

In the present time every person wants to multiply his earnings with less effort but everyone doesn’t want to get in new things.

So every person who wants to get a high return of his Investment then he can go with cryptocurrency Investment instead of other creepy things which are less profitable.

Advantage Of Investment In Cryptocurrency

There are many advantages of Investment in the cryptocurrency market. Investment in the cryptocurrency market involves many types of risk. Later we will discuss the risky part of Investment in cryptocurrency and also we will give solutions to avoid from every type of risk. But right now we will explain beneficial factors of Investment in cryptocurrency.

High Return

We can make a very high return by investing in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile in nature. So high fluctuations can give high returns. But entry and exit of Investment in particular crypto assets is the most important thing to get a high return.

Short Term And Long Term

If a person has enough analysis experience to analyse the market of cryptocurrency then he can predict cryptocurrency markets up & down easily. An experienced trader can predict crypto assets price and we can follow his prediction for long term as well as for short term.

In the short term we can make 10-20% profit easily and if we want to make high profit then we can go for the long term.

So here we have both types of Investment options. We can go with short as well as long term.

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No Restriction Of Age Of Investor

No matter whether a person is 18+ or not. Everyone in the cryptocurrency field is free to make investments without restriction of the age.

Many Investment platforms usually require 18+ age of the interested user but here in most cases we don’t need to give our information of age, gender like things. 

In some situations we need to go through the personal details verification which involves age restrictions. But most of the platforms in cryptocurrency don’t require such things.

But still it is mandatory for a person to be at that age where he can understand cryptocurrency market strategy of Investment.

No Document Work

In most of the Investment field we need to provide KYC details and that results into a problem for few people who don’t have proper identity documents.

But here in cryptocurrency most of the cryptocurrency Exchange don’t require such things. 

For example, We can do trading at BINANCE Exchange without any KYC verification. 

Since BINANCE requires KYC verification but without verification we can do a good reasonable fund amount trading easily.

Even to create any cryptocurrency wallet in the cryptocurrency world, we don’t need to give any document or details. We can create a cryptocurrency wallet just by use of email id and in some cases even we don’t need to use email or any contact. Everything is based upon the phrase backup or private key.

Safety Of Crypto Assets

In the present time people fear that hackers can hack their funds from the trading exchange. But here in the cryptocurrency world people have freedom to move their funds to any desirable Exchange or wallet.

People have facilities of cryptocurrency wallet which are non-hackable in every situation and also people have the option of a hardware wallet.

No Limit In Cryptocurrency Investment

In the stock market or share market we can invest as much as we want but everything is subjected to a high tax but here in cryptocurrency we can Invest as much as we want. Everything will remain private and no one can know about your Investment.

Since many countries’ governments are starting their new tax laws about cryptocurrency buy-sell & holding. But almost all tax rules are based upon the return of your Investment. 

So overall you are free in cryptocurrency without any limitation or boundation.

Choice Of Investment

In the cryptocurrency field, investors have lots of choices to choose the crypto asset to Invest. 

No doubt every field has garbage as well as good things. But here in cryptocurrency we have most good options of Investment.

Best cryptocurrency assets are available in the crypto market and no their no maximum buy limit.

Problems In Cryptocurrency Investment And Their Solution

Beside the beneficial factors there are few negative points about the cryptocurrency Investment but they are solutions also. We can take our steps more carefully and can eliminate those risky factors away from our crypto Investment.

Dump Of Cryptocurrency Market

Pump and Dump are usual events of the cryptocurrency market but it gives a very bad feeling to  the investors when the market gets dumped badly.

A new investor should always take care whether he is doing Investment in the cryptocurrency market at the dump situation or pump situation.

Usually an investor ( whether he is a newbie or experienced) should invest his fund in cryptocurrency after the dump. Because dump is that situation after that market will start to grow slowly slowly. 

But if you invest your fund in a pump or high price situation then there are chances that the market will crash and in that situation an investor needs to wait for a very long term to get a better return of his Investment.

Hack Of Fund At Exchange

Hacking is a big issue in the present time and also it was a big issue in the old time.

Even very high security of trading Exchanges are not enough to give 100% safety to the funds of investors.

But here a best solution for such things is to put your assets in cryptocurrency wallets which are non-hackable.

In history many cryptocurrency thefts have been compensated by the Exchanges or Coin’s Owner ( case of Ethereum) because of Trading Exchange Insurance Under SEC like companies.

But there are few examples where users had never got return of a penny of their fund i.e cryptopia Exchange.

So for long term trading it is always better to move the fund in your crypto wallet.

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Hype Mistakes In Cryptocurrency Market

Every field is full of good and bad people. There are few people who spread negative things and sometimes false information about particular crypto projects and that leads into fake hype.

These fake hypes are much dangerous for those who give their attention to hype. 

A good Investor in any field should not get into any type of hype. We suggest everyone in this field, make their own research and analysis about those things which are going to be part of your Investment.

Don’t follow hypes blindly. Make sure whether a particular project is really going to do something better or people are just spreading fake negative/positive hype to get attention.

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