Arthur Hayes predicts the ‘Most Epic’ Crypto bull Market due to AI and Historic Money Printing


According to BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes, a “epic” bull market for the digital assets sector will be sparked by two critical triggers.

Hayes predicts a tremendous bull run for crypto assets as a result of the commercialization of AI and the unprecedented money creation by the Federal Reserve, as he explains in a recent interview with Crypto Banter.

“So I presented a thesis at Token2049 called “Double Happiness.” It was about the bull market we’re about to experience—that we’re on the verge of—and how it’s caused by two things: the commercialization of AI and the printing of the most money ever in just two to three years, as well as the revolutionary nature of crypto.

When you put these two factors together, you get the greatest bull market in crypto and pretty much every other risky asset in the world.”

Hayes claims that the upcoming issuance of “ridiculous” sums of debt by economic superpowers including the United States, Europe, and China would benefit digital assets.

“The amount of debt that the United States, China, Europe, and Japan will really issue pleasantly surprised me when I completed the math.

Since central banks are trying to save the government bond markets over the next two to three years, it’s crazy how much money will be printed. That’s why I’m so bullish on Bitcoin, crypto, and some stocks and so bearish on fiat, just because there will be so much more of it.”

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