Senator warns ‘death spiral’ may bury future generations as $524 billion is add ed to the national debt in only 21 days


The United States government has added more than $500 billion in new debt on its financial records in the last three weeks.

An additional $524.7 billion was added to the national debt between September 14 and October 5, according to data from the government’s FiscalData portal.

Senator Cynthia Lummis, concerned about the country’s mounting debt, has warned that the United States’ spending binge might have devastating effects on future generations if not curbed.

Everyone who is concerned about the future of the United States should take seriously the fact that the deficit has doubled in the last year, reaching $2 trillion.

Future generations will be buried by a mountain of debt that our country is rapidly nearing. Washington has to kick its spending habit immediately.

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio predicts a fiscal disaster in the United States in a recent CNBC interview. “This nation is headed for a financial disaster… I believe the supply-demand imbalance will determine how quickly it happens, so I’m keeping an eye on it.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis estimates that the current quarterly interest payment by the federal government on its public debt is $909.5 billion.

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