Best Coins for Trade in Bitcoin


Hello guys today in this post we will tell about those high potential coin which are better for trading.

best coins for trade with bitcoin

Since we already explained what is trading in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, so if you don’t know about trading then visit at our post what is trading.


Bitcoin itself is a good coin to make investment because many times a stupid news causes the crash the market of Bitcoin and than we can buy and hold it for small time.

As we know that Bitcoin is king, so if we can hold Bitcoin then surely it will give profit to you 100%.

Ethereum Coin 

Ethereum is one of the best coin after Bitcoin to make investment. 

So always take attention at market of ethereum, if its market get crash then buy at that instant of time without think anything.

Doge coin

Doge coin is one of the best coin of China. This coin is very old coin and it has very high potential to maintain the stability in the market of cryptocurrency.

This coin usually crash and pump 2-3 times in a year, so always remain ready for it.

Digibyte coin 

Digibyte coin, DGB coin is also one of the best coin of all time.

We knows very well that it is at very low price since long time but still here we can see that how this coin is maintaining himself at 100-200 Satoshi price.

We can buy this coin at 100 to 150 Satoshi and can sell at 200 to 250 Satoshi.

Ripple coin

Ripple coin, XRP coin is also a good coin.

This coin is used by banking sector so there are very less chances for this coin to dead.

It’s price in the present time is very low we can buy it.

But keep in mind that this coin take more time to give profit , around one year + time we need to wait for profit.

Dash coin

This coin have market after Ethereum coin, so we can buy this coin.

The team of Dash coin is really good who maintained the market of this coin since long time.

But small crash and small up in the price of dash coin are opportunity to make earning.

Wave coin

This is the coin which have it own significance in this bear market of cryptocurrency.

Wave coin is most useful coin after ethereum and dash coin.

Because many exchanges allows this wave coin to use as pair coin with another altcoins.


Tron coin or Trx coin is really a good coin because its working protocol is much similar to Ethereum.

Like Ethereum, TRX gives us facility of contract system to make own coin which is TRC20.

Hope this article helps you guys to make your trade more active and better.

Here we didn’t mentioned any type of price to buy and sell a particular coin. 

You should check history graph yourself to decide that which price level is better and which better level is bad to buy.

Hope it helps .

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