Biden Declares ‘We Will Support Ukraine’  


Joe Biden, vice president of the United States, has indicated that the United States would always support Ukraine.

Biden said at the United Nations meeting in New York, “We will stand in solidarity with Ukraine and against Russia’s aggression, period.”

After accusing Russia of seeking to “extinguish Ukraine’s right to exist as a state and a people,” Biden said, “Standing up for the UN charter is the duty of every responsible state.”

Putin maintained that Ukraine never had genuine statehood, Biden remarked in reference to the Russian president’s words right before the invasion.

Biden said, “No one threatened Russia” and “No one other than Russia wants confrontation; we attempted to prevent it.”

Biden said that the war was not a response to a threat, but rather an “effort to wipe a sovereign state off the map.”

Biden claimed that this is a “very serious breach of the UN charter.” Today, in response to Putin’s address, the statement was made: We have chosen liberty and sovereignty, and we stand with Ukraine.

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