Binance planning to became a legend in the Indonesian crypto community, Here is why


Reportedly Binance is in talks with Indonesia’s richest family, the Hartonos, and a telecom giant operator regarding crypto initiatives.

Binance is a popular crypto exchange and popularly known as a global crypto service because Binance’s services are not limited to a particular number of countries or offerings. Binance is stepping with the trends of past, present, and future with its crypto ecosystem Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. 

On 10 December, Bloomberg published a report on the Binance crypto exchange. According to Bloomberg’s report, Binance is working to collaborate with Indonesia’s richest family, the Hartonos who run PT Bank Central Asia (BCA).

PT bank is the most popular and major bank in Indonesia. So there are huge chances that Binance wants to bring the banking system and related services on the fingertips to its users in Indonesia.

Besides this, Binance is also in talks with PT Telkom Indonesia. PT Telkom is a popular telecom network company in Indonesia and recently, this company publicly said that they want to bring crypto integrated services to the 270 million people of Indonesia. 

So here, we can assume that Binance is taking advantage of this situation and trying to partner with PT Telkom to bring a new level of crypto and blockchain business to the community of the crypto industry in Indonesia. 

It is worth noting, Binance is actively giving its crypto services in Indonesia but its potential is not at that level where we can say that Binance is leading crypto exchanges in the Indonesia crypto industry. So probably, Binance exchange is trying to become a leader in Indonesia. 

Binance plans to UK based crypto offerings 

At present, Binance exchange is not allowed to give any kind of crypto-related services to the citizens of the UK. 

In June 2021, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ordered Binance exchange to halt its crypto offerings in the UK. And also Binance did the same. 

But in a recent interview, Binance CEO Zhao said that Binance exchange is working to hire crypto and blockchain talents, and also they are hiring those Ex-employees of the UK government officials which can bring better communication between the exchange and local regulators. And also the exchange is planning to apply to get a license to provide crypto services in the next 12 months. 

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