Binance refers to the XRP Ledger as the “First Major Blockchain To Be Certified Carbon-Neutral”


The teaching division of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange has many positive things to say about the decentralized public blockchain XRPL Ledger (XRPL) and its native coin XRP.

On February 27, 2020, during an episode of “The Ripple Drop” (Ripple’s online video series), Ripple CTO David Schwartz discussed the progress of the XRP Ledger with producer/editor Reinhard Cate.

Cate began the conversation by questioning Schwartz about the origins and present state of the XRP Ledger.

Schwartz replied: “In the early days, the only capability we had was the capacity to conduct a transaction on a decentralized ledger in a few seconds. However, we soon realized that the features of the algorithms we had designed enabled us to accomplish tasks such as a decentralized exchange.

Then, we had the notion of enabling anyone to issue assets and concepts such as community credit, which we incorporated into a practical system by mid-2012.

Binance Academy, which was created on December 11, 2018, is the company’s educational arm. Here is how Binance described it at the time:

“Binance Academy is a non-profit blockchain education service that provides excellent, easy-to-understand information to cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts throughout the globe. Since the Academy’s restricted beta debut in August, four months ago, users have spent over 14,000 hours on the site, which is comparable to 10,000 minutes of content ingested every day and 583 days of instructional content given total.”

Chief Growth Officer of Binance, Ted Lin, had the following to say: “Education is essential to the spread of crypto and blockchain use. With bitcoin and distributed ledger technology adoption still in its infancy, the world needs a centralized, user-friendly, and trustworthy source of information to enhance the understanding of cryptocurrencies and these technologies. The objective of Binance Academy is to create a completely impartial platform with high-quality, unbiased educational content. In addition to excellent tutorials and instructions, users may learn about all aspects of Blockchain, Security, and Economics in their choice language.”

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