BTC Maxi Mike Alfred Discloses Purchase of 10 Million ADA Holdings in 2018


Bitcoin maxi Mike Alfred has once again brought Cardano into the limelight by tweeting that he purchased 10 million ADA in 2018 and wants to give them away. 

Twitter users were sceptical of the claims of 10 million ADA holdings and the following giveaway, questioning how such a vast amount of ownership could have been forgotten. For some, “it seemed too good to be true,” while others disregarded the likelihood that he had such assets.

Mike Alfred, a well-known opponent of other cryptocurrencies, often criticizes Ethereum, Solano, and even Cardano while promoting Bitcoin.

Alfred applauded Bitcoin and disparaged Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano, according to U.Today. He argued that Bitcoin was better since its block issuance and processing had been consistent since its inception.

Alfred then commented that despite Cardano’s lacklustre market performance, the network continues to grow, allowing developers to construct scalable, cost-effective, and decentralized solutions and applications.

Vasil has never been “closer”

Pool Tool reports that 40% of Cardano stake pool operators have upgraded their nodes to version 1.35.3. 75% of nodes must be on the most recent version for the Vasil implementation.

YoloNet’s hard fork combinator event happened on August 23, marking another key milestone for Vasil testing.

IOG launched Cardano YoloNet, a new public testnet, on August 19, and SPOs immediately started testing in this mixed-node environment.

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