Binance reverses its stance on the ban on Russian traders


One of Binance’s largest markets has been shut down only weeks after the exchange said it would not comply with EU restrictions against Russian users.

Just a few weeks ago, Binance said that it would not bow to EU penalties against Russian users. According to chief executive Changpeng Zhao, it would be “unethical” to extend penalties beyond individuals, but the exchange has put additional limits on Russian users.

If your account balance exceeds $10,000, you will be unable to trade or make deposits, according to a blog post.

There will be a 90-day window for impacted accounts to close any open trading positions. If you have an account with less than $10,000 in value, it is secure.

Russia will be prohibited from receiving “high-value crypto-asset services” from the EU, which was started on April 8th. Sanctions on the Russian economy are now in their fifth phase.

A few weeks ago, Coinbase said that it was planning to adopt a sort of financial punishment on its platform.

According to Coinbase, they will “limit access to sanctioned people,” “identify efforts at evasion,” and “predict threats.”

The company says it prohibits more than 25,000 Russian people or organisations it believes are engaged in illegal activities, many of which it has found via its own proactive investigations

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