Bitcoin Debit Cards Of the Year 2021


In this article, we will cover all types of Bitcoin and another crypto supporting Debit cards that we can use in our practical life to withdraw money from ATM.

Bitcoin Debit card of 2021

Here in this article we converted follows points 

What is bitcoin debit card ?

List of Top Bitcoin debut card .

How to choose best bitcoin debit card?

Recommended Bitcoin card to not to use.

What is a Bitcoin debit card?

Bitcoin Debit card is a similar concept of Debit card that we use in our day to day life. 

Many companies in the Cryptocurrency field are providing their services of Bitcoin debit card.

Bitcoin Debit card is available in physical and virtual both form.

Top Bitcoin debit card

Since few years, many companies entered in this field of cryptocurrency to provide Bitcoin debit card facility. But from time to time their services get ruined because of few restrictions by the fiat regulation authorities.

Since many countries government implemented good protocol regulatory system to use cryptocurrency, so there are many services which are running their bitcoin debit card facility smoothly without any problem of violation of any rule. 

These top and best bitcoin debit card which are working in present time of year 2020,are given below one by one.

Bitwala Bitcoin debit card 

This company of bitcoin debit card service ,was started in year 2013. So people are considering Bitwala as a first cryptocurrency banking system. And also after the service of Bitwala Bitcoin debit card, a big hype of bitcoin/crypto bank news was in trending.

But unfortunately , Bitwala faced a big economical down in its initial phase, but they didn’t terminated their service  of bitcoin debit card fully. 

Since Bitwala company was really a revolution for the cryptocurrency wold, so it was supported by people’s trust and finally they recovered economic downfall very soon .

If you are looking to use Bitwala bitcoin debit card then it will be better for you because you don’t need to pay any type of fee. But still in some cases you need to pay fee, like, during cash withdrawal through ATM. 

In Bitwala Debit card we can spend upto €1500 to €3,000 per day, while ATM withdrawal limit is €3000 per day .


we don’t need to pay fees

Well established service of Bitcoin ATM card

Cons :

we can load debit card with BTC and ETH only

 Only those countries can use bitwala debit card which are in EEA.

Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card 

Wirex is a well known service of bitcoin debit card. Before 2016 Wirex was known with name E-Coin. But in 2016 they rebranded their name to Wirex.

Wirex usually sends their debit card with PIN to user. User can load fund in their Bitcoin ATM card with mobile/desktop wallet Wirex app. 

We can add use Bitcoin ( BTC ) , Ethereum ( ETH ) , Litecoin (LTC), Steller ( XLM ) and Ripple (XRP) coin to load balance in card.

Wirex debit card user can convert his card balance into GBP and EUR currency.

They charges $2.5 to withdraw fund from ATM lies in Europe and $3.5 outside Europe.

We can use only virtual card of wirex, in case if we don’t want physical one.

In present time Wirex Card is available to use in EEI residents. But they are now planning to launch their service for North America and Asia .

Pros :

 Wirex Bitcoin debit card supports multiple crypto coins .Wirex company is well established in the internal world business.

Cons :

Very high fees and secondly we restricted to use in EEI residents only.

Many users are facing problem during withdrawal of fund.

TenX Crypto Debit card 

TenX PTe. Ltd. Is a company located in Singapore. This company provide cryptocurrency wallet. Their cryptocurrency wallet is integrated with Visa Prepaid Debit Card. 

We can order Debit card in physical form and also in virtual form. They charges $15 for physical bitcoin debit card and $1.5 for virtual debit card.

Charge fee of this Debit card making it different from all other type of Bitcoin/crypto debit card. It charges $3.25 per ATM withdrawal. 

The maintenance charge of TenX crypto debit card is $10 per year and it can vary according to number of transactions you will do. 

Their crypto wallet supports only Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH ) and Litecoin (LTC ) .

We can use TenX crypto debit card in limited numbers of countries. These countries are Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Pros : Multiple types of crypto coins supported and fees charge criteria is good in comparison to another bitcoin debit card available.

Cons: It is limited to only seven countries, suspended support to Malaysia.

Coinbase Bitcoin Debit card 

Almost every user in cryptocurrency field knows about coinbase wallet. We can say Coinbase is a leading Cryptocurrency wallet & exchange in crypto market which have very high number of user database.

Coinbase issues its own Visa Debit card for EU countries users. 

We just need to order coinbase Bitcoin debit card which remain linked with our Coinbase wallet. We can use the fund of debit card at every payment gateway where Visa cards are accepted.

The security of coinbase wallet and debit card is very high . We can use two factor authentication option and also we can instantly freeze our account in case of suspicious activity.

To order physical debit card of Coinbase, we have to pay €4.95 fee. 

And the charge fee of transaction is1% for domestic transaction and 2% for non-domestic.

Pros: Multiple crypto assets are supported and Coinbase is well established company that have a very high trust level for crypto users.

Cons: Coinbase Debit card can be use only in EU countries.

Cryptopay Debit Card

Cryptopay website was started at the end of year 2013, This websites was started only to provide crypto wallet and crypto payment gateway system. 

But now Cryptopay issues Bitcoin Debit Card for their users. 

Cryptopay bitcoin debit card supports mainly four crypto coin Bitcoin ( BTC ) , Litecoin ( LTC ) , Ethereum ( ETH) and Ripple ( XRP ). 

Only European residents users can order their physical debit card of Cryptopay. Their debit card is available in physical and virtual both form, we can order according to our need.

For physical debit card they charges a fees of amount $15 and charge for transaction is 1.5% of withdrawal amount.

We can withdraw minimum $5 which is not a good option for those who want withdraw less then $5.

CryptoPay service is not much good from the point of fee charge because they charges in many way.

They charges $1 as maintenance fee per month and also we need to pay fee of 1% at the time of load fund in card which is a terrible experience for a low budget user. 

Pros : They supports many crypto and fiat assets.

Cons : Very high fees which is based on % base. Minimum withdrawal limit is $5.

Services are available for Russia only.

Bitpay Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitpay debit card can be a good option for those who are looking for Bitcoin debit card . Bitpay debit card services are available to use for 50+ countries of US states . So we can say that the Bitpay debit card services are limited to US residents people only.

To use Bitpay debit card, we need government issued id card with permanent home address proof. 

We can order Bitpay debit card from their official website and they will deliver debut card through mail within a week.

The  cost of debit card   is $9.95. 

Supported crypto coins are Bitcoin ( BTC ) , Botcoin cash ( BCH ) , USDC, Gemini dollar and Paxos ( PAX ) .

Since there is no charge for the transaction through card in domestic residents ( US residents) but still they charges fee of 1% as a conversion fee for outside of US states.

ATM withdrawal fees of Bitpay Debit card is $2. This withdrawal charge will change into $3 , if you will use outside of US states. 

There are few hidden costs fee with the service of Bitpay debit card, you can check here

The purchase limit through bitpay debit card is $10,000/day and withdrawal limit is $1500/day. 

We can also transfer fund from one card to another card which have limit of $500/day.

Pros : No fee of transaction and have big data userbase.

Cons : We are limited with Bitcoin and bitcoin cash and few fiat currency .

Only people of 50 countries of US states can use their services.

Trastra Bitcoin Debit card 

Trasta Debit card is also a bitcoin debit card but it is new in this field. So it will be better for you to do research and reviews to go with the Trastra. 

Trastra Debit card can be at any online payment where Visa Cards are accepted.

We can receive crypto assets in Trastra Debut card and can spend in the form of Euros currency. This is really a good thing for those user who don’t have bank account. The can easily accept crypto and can use it anywhere to pay in Euro. And also we can hold crypto in our debit card for long term as a trade platform.

Supported coins of Trastra debit card are Bitcoin ( BTC ) , Litecoin ( LTC ) , Ethereum ( ETH) and Ripple ( XRP ) .

We can order physical Trastra debit card at cost of €9 with €1.25 maintenance fee per month. A special thing in Trastra debit card is, we don’t need to pay a penny of money to load balance .

Pros : No load fees, Easy to convert into Euro, No need of bank account for Euro users , directly receive crypto in card .

Cons: It is new and less popular, 2.5% trade rate and use as fee.

PolisPay Bitcoin Debit card 

This is also a less popular debit card in the crypto field but still have a big data user base. Polispay have better services but charges very high fees which is not a good sign for low budget user.

PolisPay debit card is in initial stages to use, so we don’t recommend to use for high ampunt fund users . we should wait for their improvement.

The cost of physical debit card of Polispay is $35 , which is per year charge. And ATM withdrawal fees is $4.5.

Pros : Nothing special that we can say.

Cons: very new in this field , less known, not looking professional from website view and their services are still in beta version.

Bitnovo Bitcoin Debit Card 

Bitnovo debit card is also a good one but specially for those who are newbie and don’t want fluctutation in their asset values.

We can’t load crypto fund directly in Bitnovo debit card . Every time we need to load the card with fiat equivalent value. That means, if we will load then a fiat value will be credit to out card. So we are restricted with Binovo debit card to use when we want actually sell our crypto assets, to buy something from online market.

Bitnovo supports purchase of multiple crypto assets like Bitcoin ( BTC ) , Bitckin cash ( BCH ), Litecoin ( LTC ) , Dashcoin ( DASH ) , Ripple ( XRP ) , Steller ( XLM ) .

Before to go with Binovo debit card, you need to see reviews at social media or YouTube , because there are many types of limitation with this card.

Pros : Supports More stable coin, Good for Spain residents.

Cons: we can not store crypto asset, reviews are not so good.

Change Debit Card

Change debit card is supported by All the users who are using Change wallet, can order Change crypto debit card. 

Ordering and shipping cost of change crypto debit card is €4.95. They will deliver debut card within 10 days.

We can do payment every place where Visa card are accepted.

Changeinvest claims that we can use Change crypto debit card at 40,000,000 location in the whole world. 

To know more about change debit card you can visit here .

Pros : Best debit card for high-level crypto users with their premium black card purchase service.

Cons: Not much popular.

How to choose best bitcoin debit card?

We can choose those cards which are available in nearby location of our residents and also we can see toward the fact of our budget.  If we have good budget then we can go with high cost debit card otherwise it will be better to go with less cost card.

And also we need to keep in mind that we should buy bitcoin debit card only which have good reviews.

Bitcoin debit card that we don’t prefer to use 

Xapo debit card, Crypterium, CoinsBank debit card, Xapo debit card, AnxPro debit card, Shift Debut card, Uquid debit card , Binovo debit card , TenX debit card .

These are those bitcoin debit card which are either not good or not accepting new users to use their services.

But still we recommend you to choose  bitcoin debit card with deep research and reviews . Here we can give information about crypto debit card but not 100% reviews. Because reviews comes from use by users not by a single use of a particular user .


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