“Bitcoin Is The Currency Of Freedom,” Mexican Billionaire Pliego Declares 


Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Mexico’s third-richest individual, paid a visit to El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele in a show of support for the country’s Bitcoin agenda following the visit of other crypto leaders.

Salinas, who was accompanied by Max Keiser, received one Bitcoin from Bukele before discussing, among other things, how El Salvador’s new Bitcoin Securities laws, which are currently being debated in the country’s legislature, can be used to transform the country into a global financial hub and significantly increase its GDP.

The rich businessman owns Grupo Elektra, a significant financial services company and specialty retailer in Latin America with operations in over five countries, including El Salvador, which explains his visit in part. Last year, after integrating the lightning network, his Elektra merchant locations began accepting Bitcoin payments.

Salinas, who has also been a vocal proponent of Bitcoin, previously indicated that 10% of his total net worth is in the cryptocurrency and that he plans to hold onto his bitcoin stockpile for the next thirty years.

“I am certain that only through liberty can we as a culture grow, and I am convinced that Bitcoin is the money of liberty,” Salinas, or ‘uncle Ricky’ as Bukele refers to him, tweeted following the encounter.

Salinas also met with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, dubbed “CZ,” who was in El Salvador on a working visit following his meeting with President Bukele on Thursday.

Businesses from around the world attempt to court Bukele

With Bukele’s Administration spearheading efforts to establish El Salvador as the world’s Bitcoin capital following the legalisation of the cryptocurrency last year, the Central American nation has garnered considerable interest from global firms, businesses, and crypto pundits due to its favourable financial incentives.

According to El Diario, El Salvador’s largest newspaper, Binance’s CZ discussed a variety of topics with President Bukele during their discussion, including bitcoin investment potential.

Additionally, the Binance CEO indicated an interest in knowing about the El Salvador government’s strategic initiatives. The discussion took place a day after El Salvador postponed the planned sale of a bitcoin bond, sparking speculation that CZ might undertake a charm offensive.

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