Blockchain courses are becoming more popular in India


India has seen an extraordinary surge in the number of blockchain-related courses over the last year, as the country’s need for blockchain-educated personnel grows.

Several big Indian schools have already gotten on the blockchain bandwagon and launched courses in the technology, according to the Times of India.

At press time, more than 11,000 blockchain-related job openings remained unfilled, and that figure includes just those advertised on LinkedIn India. According to reports, there is a need for blockchain analysts, blockchain architects, blockchain remote trainers, and other specialists whose job titles include the term ‘blockchain.’

Significant educational institutions now offer advanced certification programmes in software engineering for blockchain, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT), optional courses on Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and even free short online courses on blockchain principles.

The classes are not only for job searchers. Additionally, business owners and entrepreneurs are using them to educate themselves about emerging digital assets and to prevent falling victim to cryptocurrency-related frauds.

India, in general, is seeing a surge in demand for individuals knowledgeable and schooled in all things blockchain as it transitions to a more digital and blockchain-based future.

For one thing, it anticipates the launch of a ‘digital rupee’ by 2023, as Finbold has reported. Additionally, the nation intends to lower the tax on cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) trade by 30%.

Interest versus suspicion

Despite increased interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in India, some of the country’s most prominent politicalQ and financial heavyweights continue to express reservations or outright rejection.

One of them is India’s finance secretary T.V. Somanathan, who has voiced doubt about the future of cryptocurrency regulation. He said as follows:

“At the moment, crypto-assets are neither outlawed nor promoted. As a result, they are operating in a grey area.”

Meanwhile, Shaktikanta Das, the governor of the Reserve Bank of India, took a significantly harsher tone, denouncing cryptocurrencies as “not worth a tulip” – implying they lack fundamental value – and cautioning investors to exercise admonish.

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