Blockchain Education Initiative Debuts in the Philippines with Tether


The renowned firm behind the most popular stablecoin in the world, USDT, has introduced a program in the Philippines called the Blockchain Education Initiative.

In the Philippines, will target a wide range of people with a variety of educational programmes designed to help them learn about personal finance.

Workshops, online campaigns, and interactive quizzes are all part of these educational programs that aim to raise people’s consciousness of digital assets and the value they may provide.

Bankers, fintech businesses, and other financial experts, as well as Filipinos working abroad who are seeking better ways to send money home, are among the target audiences for the Philippines’ Blockchain Education Initiative.

People who are interested in learning the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, as well as those who own or frequent pawn shops, will also be the target audience.

For a while now, Tether has pledged to make instructional materials that encourage awareness and ethical use of blockchain-based digital assets more widely available.

Actually, the firm has already launched additional collaborations in order to raise awareness and knowledge of stablecoins and blockchain technology; they include efforts in Thailand, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and different regions of Africa.

The objective is to educate the public so that they may participate actively in the cryptocurrency market and take advantage of innovative solutions like peer-to-peer networks and stablecoins.

Since it is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in the Philippines, was selected for this task.

Notably, on, the Philippine peso (the domestic currency) and USDT are the pairs with the highest trading volumes; their volume alone exceeds that of the three other major trading pairs combined: ETH/PHP, USDC/PHP, and BTC/PHP.

The Philippines, a nation with more than 115 million people, has never been a real crypto center, despite many efforts to entice crypto and blockchain enterprises to the territory.

It is likely that it faces competition in Southeast Asia from Singapore, a tiny country that has drawn several cryptocurrency startups in the wake of China’s prohibition.

So, the Filipino market is obviously a small market in the crypto industry, as the USDT/PHP trading pair on hits barely 4 million dollars every day.

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