Charles Hoskinson of Cardano will realise his lifelong dream of eating a dodo egg


Due to his investment in Colossal, the inventor of Cardano may get the opportunity to sample a dodo egg.

Charles Hoskinson, an inventor of Cardano and CEO of Input Output, recently tweeted about the possibility of enjoying a one-of-a-kind dining experience due to his investment. Hoskinson, a strong follower of the de-extinction movement and an investor in Colossal Biosciences, said that he has always desired to consume a dodo egg.

The company’s primary emphasis is reviving several extinct species. Recent news coverage has been dominated by its attempts to bring back the woolly mammoth.

Despite not having resurrected a single ancient species, Colossal Biosciences, located in Dallas, has seen a meteoric rise in funding, reaching a staggering value of $1.5 billion.

The dodo, a flightless bird endemic to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, is renowned for its rotund, spherical body and humorously little wings. Unfortunately, the bird’s life was cut short by human immigrants and the creatures they brought with them. Within a few decades of human colonization, the species was extinct.

Colossal continues appealing to investors, including well-known personalities such as Paris Hilton while receiving criticism from a number of sceptics.

In March, Hoskinson revealed his investment in the firm, as reported by U.Today. The inventor of Cardano said that blockchain technology may be used for crowdfunding and intellectual property management.

Hoskinson’s investment in the firm and his enthusiasm for the approaching dodo egg feast are indicative of the public’s rising interest in the biodiversity issue and the role de-extinction may play in healing the natural world.

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