CoinBase’s mainnet launch will be scheduled for after Optimism’s Bedrock expansion


Base’s core team has announced that the Coinbase-backed blockchain network is almost ready to deploy its mainnet.

Base, a blockchain network supported by Coinbase, has announced that its core team is preparing for a mainnet launch.

The Base team has said in a blog post that they would only launch if they have shown testnet stability, Optimism has completed the upgrade to Bedrock, and all reviews and audits have been completed.

The Optimism mainnet bridge is expected to be more secure and reliable with the upcoming Bedrock update in June. Projects like Base rely on this upgrade, therefore making it important.

The base is a roll-up network that was developed using Optimism’s development software stack, or OP Stack. The goal is to use off-chain calculations on a separate layer to enable cheaper and quicker transactions without sacrificing the mainnet’s robust security. In addition, Coinbase’s on-chain offerings may eventually switch to using this solution as their primary Layer 2 network.

Test networks, or testnets, are exact copies of the live network that may be used for validation. If everything goes swimmingly on the testnet, it’s a good sign that things won’t go wrong on the mainnet.

According to the Base group, several other developers and projects, such as Blackbird, Thirdweb, OAK, and Parallel, are interested in participating in the testnet. When Base launches, it will be joined by other important DeFi platforms such as Uniswap and Aave.

A “genesis window” time when developers may deploy applications with direct assistance from the Base core team will follow the mainnet release later this year, the company said.

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