Dan Gambardello the founder of Crypto Capital Ventures talks about Cardano’s Hydra launch


Dan Gambardello, founder of Crypto Capital Venture and a major figure in the cryptocurrency industry, recently discussed the impact that Cardano’s recent introduction of Hydra on its mainnet may have on the industry.

Gambardello is hopeful, but his views are his own and not meant to be taken as financial advice. The importance of Hydra, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Cardano, was recently discussed in a video by Gambardello.

It is not necessary to perform a hard fork for Hydra to collect ADA transactions, process them, and provide the results to Layer 1. Gambardello claims this new feature will pave the road for Cardano’s widespread adoption since it would allow for millions of transactions per second.

Gambardello said that Cardano is committed to building up their network and expanding the ADA ecosystem’s connections. Cardano’s Bitcoin currency, cBTC, has seen a test release, and there have been advancements in linking Cardano with Ethereum, its main rival, through the Milkometer C1 sidechain.

Another major improvement is the inclusion of the Jed stablecoin protocol inside the Milkometer network, which enables developers to interact with Jed in a manner similar to that of Ethereum’s Solidity smart contract programming language. Gambardello argues that this synergistic connection increases the liquidity and growth potential of both ecosystems.

Gambardello also made an analogy between where Cardano is now and where Ethereum was in 2017. While there are certain parallels, such as the development of DeFi and tokens on the network, he said that Cardano’s protocol provides a more robust basis for expansion. Cardano is a formidable competitor in the cryptocurrency market because of its solid basis and its emphasis on scalability, security, and decentralized governance.

Gambardello is hopeful that Cardano’s market value may grow to $500 billion, but he warns that this is a long-term goal and that crypto investments come with their own set of hazards. While Cardano’s market value is now at $13 billion, he points out that Ethereum’s market cap has increased to over $500 billion since 2017, when Cardano’s was also about the same size.

Gambardello concludes that Cardano is well-positioned for future growth because of recent advancements like the introduction of Hydra. Investors should conduct their own homework and think about their own financial objectives and risk tolerance, he says.

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