Creditors are angry about Gemini Trust’s controversial plan to pay out its debts


A 30% reduction in Bitcoin payouts has angered Gemini Earn creditors. The turbulence of cryptocurrency markets increases creditors’ dissatisfaction.

Creditors are furious because they stand to get much less money than they were expecting due to Gemini Trust’s decision to restructure compensation for Earn customers.

Payouts as low as 30% of current market rates are possible under the plan that has been put to creditors for a vote. Since this constitutes a significant decrease from the initially promised sums, it has shocked many. The specifics of this controversial matter are discussed below.

Notable cryptocurrency exchange Gemini Trust has lately revealed a restructuring proposal that has enraged and disappointed its creditors. There has been a lot of pushback to the idea, which was detailed in an email issued to creditors in December 2023.

As of January 2024, debtors will get rewards equal to their Earn crypto holdings,, according to the suggested proposal. Genesis Global Capital, a loan partner of Gemini, files for bankruptcy on this day, making it a pivotal one.

Many are angry and disappointed about the planned payments because of the huge difference between the market pricing of cryptocurrencies when the bankruptcy was filed and how much they are worth now.

When Genesis Global Capital declared bankruptcy in January 2023, the value of Bitcoin was about $20,940 and the value of Ether was around $1,545. In the current day, Bitcoin is worth $42,750 and Ether is worth $2,250.

Because of this huge disparity, in the worst-case scenario, creditors would only get $12,773 (or 30% of the market value) for every Bitcoin they held on Earn, even if they are given a 61% recovery percentage.

There has been a lot of pushback from creditors of Gemini because of the steep drop in payments. Many people have vented their displeasure and anger at the idea on social media.

“I vote no because this is a spit in our faces,” posted Andrew Aleid. Ian Malcolm also spoke out against Gemini Trust, claiming that the company lied to and deceived its clients. Malcolm said, “You stole our money stressing the need of complete reparation. Please return every single a penny.”

Prior to Genesis’ bankruptcy, Gemini withdrew large amounts of funds from the exchange to fund the Earn program, which allowed users to earn interest in cryptocurrency.

On behalf of the Earn program’s participants, Gemini is suing Genesis Global Capital for $1.6 billion. The deadline for creditors to make a decision on Gemini’s proposed plan is January 10, 2024, at 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. On February 14, 2024, the bankruptcy court that is supervising the case will render the final verdict, assuming the plan is approved.

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