NASDAQ is focusing its cryptocurrency efforts on creating carbon markets


Instead of launching a digital asset custodian company in the US, Nasdaq Inc. is reusing cryptocurrency-related technology to concentrate on creating carbon markets.

This strategic move is in line with Nasdaq’s efforts to adjust to changing market and regulatory conditions. The company plans to use its technological capabilities to build a platform suitable for trading carbon credits and to tackle problems in other emerging markets, such as the financial ecosystem in Europe.

As a world leader in stock exchange operations, Nasdaq Inc. is making a bold strategic shift by repurposing its cryptocurrency technology for the creation of new markets, namely in carbon trading. This follows Nasdaq’s July decision to scrap its intentions to launch a digital asset custodian in the US. After seeming set to make a big splash in the Bitcoin industry, the firm has seen a golden chance to put its digital skills to use in the rapidly growing carbon market.

In response to shifting regulatory and financial environments, Nasdaq has decided to repurpose the technology, demonstrating its agility and inventive mentality. Nasdaq is putting itself in a prime position to lead a crucial and quickly developing industry by shifting its focus from digital assets to environmental financing. Considering the growing importance of sustainability on a worldwide scale and the need for reliable and open systems to trade carbon credits and offsets, the spotlight on carbon markets couldn’t be more pertinent.

Fundamental to the new approach is the technology that Nasdaq created for its cryptocurrency business in the beginning. In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Nasdaq co-president Tal Cohen stressed that the technology’s original application focus was digital assets, but that it had a larger application scope. In his statement, Cohen clarified that the product would still be launched, but this time as a technological service. According to its proponents, the platform is an “institutional-grade end-to-end technology platform” that can manage intricate markets such as carbon and electricity digital assets.

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