Crypto Will Face Downfall In 2022, Says Former CEO of


Recently Stefan Rust shared his thoughts on the crypto industry next year, predicting that the winter of 2022 will lead to a major downturn in the industry.

As we move towards the end of 2021, ready to enter 2022. As we all know this year is great for the crypto industry because many factors have supported the crypto industry and led to high adoptions and advances around the world. Now almost every crypto personality will share his thoughts on the crypto industry for the coming year.

Stefan Rust is the former CEO of, a crypto wallet, and news website. He is currently the CEO of Hydro Labs.

Regarding the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology, Rust said the adoption of CBDCs and Stablecoins is on the rise and everything is being done in tokenized form. And thus now you need roads and spaces to view and connect to all this. He further added that,

  “When everything is going digital, when everyone is tokenizing, when we see the rise of Stablecoin currencies, we see the rise of CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) – everything starts to be tokenized. What else do you want? We need infrastructure, we need roads.

Rust commented that while these are innovative and useful in the current trend of cryptocurrency metaverse, however metaverse requires high computational power. So to empower metaverse projects, it would be nice if this computing power came together from multiple blockchain networks.

    “Those validator nodes must have great duration, great computational power, and a great IO. So power, ping, and pipe are important.

Rust also commented that the crypto market will not be at the top. Here we are in 2017-2018, after which we looked up and down. This market will not achieve high and high-level conditions.

   ”It can’t always be high. We are here in 2017, 2018, and we had a huge rise and we came down”

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