Debra Stock – Her ideas & vision of Cro Capital


In a progressive growth, young Debra Stock was determined to make a mark of achievement in the field of finance. With an MBA in Finance from the University of Calgary, Debra started her career in the world of finance. As a keen observer, she noticed the manner in which the world was progressing in financial technology.

With a hyperactive personality, Debra capitalized on the spare time she had to explore the digital world of finance. She started trading in crypto and later with a group of friends learned the art of mining bitcoin & altcoins. With over 4 years of mining crypto in her basement, she gave birth to Cro Capita, an efficient and crypto mining focused company.

Within a span of 3 year Cro Capita grew into a family of over 3000 miners and have 4 mining farms around Calgary, Canada. Debra’s vision of Cro Capita was clear – Revolutionizing the way the world invests in financial technology.

Debra’s vision of Cro Capita was clear – Revolutionizing the way the world invests. Understanding how tedious, cost effective & time consuming mining can be, Debra Stock introduced an innovative scheme for all individuals to be a part of crypto mining through Cro Capita. The company offers high ROI investment platforms to individuals ranging from 100 days to 64days. These investments are used to mine crypto in their selection of mining technique such as

Cloud Mining

CPU Mining

GPU Mining

ASIC Mining.

These mining devices have immense capabilities joined by efficiency of the miner to collect maximum blocks and reduce the duration in return maximizing profits.

Ms. Stock further plans on opening a giant mining farm in Zimbabwe to increase the potential and profits at Cro Capita for all investors.

To understand further or be a part of Cro Capita, individuals can get in touch with their 24/7 support team. You can start your first mining investment on

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