Despite the market decline, Ripple views carbon credit and gaming NFTs as promising


While David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple, is most enthusiastic about payments, he is also interested in carbon credits and gaming NFTs.

David Schwartz, Chief Technology Officer of Ripple, is still most enthusiastic about payments, but he is also interested in carbon credits and gaming NFTs.

When asked about carbon credits, he stated, “We’re pretty pleased about them,” in an interview on November 29 following his talk at the Decentral conference in Miami. 

Schwartz said that non-fungible tokens might make it easier for studios to attract people to their newest items in the gaming industry.

Ripple does not develop consumer apps directly at this time, but it seeks partners that can utilize the XRP ledger’s cheap cost and fast speed. In addition, it has a $250 million creator fund that, according to Schwartz, is being allocated cautiously following initial hesitation.

“If I gave you $1,000 and told you to cluck like a chicken, you may do it, and I might say, “Look, look, this is a true use case. This is an effective solution. And in reality, I am paying you to accomplish something.”

Schwartz said that Ripple established its own fund in an effort to encourage the creation of practical companies in logical ecosystems, adding that Ripple typically requires developers to seek outside capital and produce a minimum viable product before receiving Ripple creator funding.

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