Dubai’s First Coin Dubai Coin? Is DubaiCoin Scam?


Dubai Coin or DBIX Coin is Dubai’s first coin which achieved  lots of hype in the cryptocurrency market.

Dubai coin price changed by more than 1000% within 24 hours.

Lets see all about Dubai Coin and see what is the future of Dubai Coin in the field of cryptocurrency market.

Price of the DBIX coin was $0.09 yesterday and now its price is $1.13. 

Dubai Coin ( DBIX Coin) 

Dubai coin is a coin which was launched a long time ago at price $0.17 in usual cryptocurrency market conditions.

But in the present time its price is $1.13 ( which is 10 times the price of last day on 27-28 may).

Dubai coin was launched by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) based company Known as Arabianchain Technology.

According to the team of the Dubai coin ( DBIX Coin), Dubai Coin will be leading cryptocurrency in not only the Dubai regions but also in the whole world.

The main aim of Arabianchain Technology is only to make Dubai Coin to be accepted in every possible field to use as payment option.

Controversy With Dubai Coin 

Since the name of the Dubai Coin totally belongs to the Dubai ( UAE region). 

So many people claimed that Dubai Coin is just a part of a scam and the team is looking to do a big scam with the name of Dubai word in their newly launched cryptocurrency.

But besides all these things, Team of Dubai Coin never stopped their work on the work of Dubai coin and ignored all such controversies.

Since the team of Dubai Coin never claimed that they were part of government authorities to launch this coin.

But still many people on social media were talking about this type of negative comments.

And also a tweet regarding Dubai Coin ( DBIX Coin) we can see through twitter handle of Dubai Media Office recently on 28 May 2021

In the tweet it was clearly mentioned “Dubai doesn’t currently have an official cryptocurrency“.

Well here everything is clear from government officials and Dubai coin’s team.

Frequently Asked Questions About DubaiCoin DBIX Coin

Q. Dubai Coin crypto available at wazirx?

Ans. No, This coin is not available at Wazirx.

Q. Where to buy Dubai Coin?

Ans. Dubai Coin is available at Hibtc exchange.

Q. Can we buy Dubai Coin at cryptopia exchange?

Ans. No, we can’t buy because Cryptopia exchange is not more available in this cryptocurrency field.

Q. What is the value of Dubai Coin?

Ans. $1.3 and value  of Dubai Coin in india is approximately 98₹

Q. Dubai Coin code name?

Ans. Dubai Coin’s code name is DBIX Coin and don’t confuse it with DUBIX.

Q. Dubai Coin Mining buy and sell possible?

Ans. No, At the present time no article is available that can help us directly or indirectly regarding Dubai Coin mining.

Q. Can we buy Dubai Coins in India?

Ans. Yes , we can buy because in the present time cryptocurrency buy and sell is legal in india. So we can buy Dubai coins from any Exchange where a Dubai coin is available.

Q. Dubai Coin is listed at Coinmarketcap?

Ans. No, Not yet. But now the team is working on Dubai coin with more excitement to list it at big exchanges. So there is a small chance that coinmarketcap will list this coin soon in their list.

Q. Dubai Coin is the official cryptocurrency of Dubai?

Ans. No, It was a false rumour about Dubai Coin. And also the Dubai coin never claimed that they are affiliated or Directly related to the government authorities to run their cryptocurrency.

But still we should not forget that this coin team is from Dubai, so Dubai Coin is Local Currency of Dubai UAE.

Q. Best wallet for Dubai Coin?

Ans. Galaxy wallet is the best coin to store Dubai coins. Galaxy wallet is suggested by the team of Dubai coin, Arabianchain Technology.

Q. What is Technology of Dubai Coins?

Ans. Technology of Dubai coin is based upon Blockchain technology. According to the Dubai Coin technology team, Dubai Coin is ” an open source, community-based project with the goal of building a decentralized, consensus-driven, peer to peer, open source, blockchain-based platform for distributed applications”.

Q. Is it good to buy Dubai Coins?

Ans. No, according to basic rules of trading, we should not buy any coin after the pump.

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