Electricity outage in Russia, blames on Crypto miners


Recently Irkutsk has been experiencing power outages these days. They blamed those who run crypto mining machines in their homes.

Crypto asset trading and mining are legal in the Russian Federation. However, the Russian government does not support cryptocurrency circulation, although it does allow citizens to continue this trend. However, existing laws are not sufficient to cover the crypto mining industry in Russia.

Irkutsk, the power grid operator company, said it was experiencing a major power outage. Grid operators commented that high loads and power consumption were coming from the entire supply chain in the cities.

Local officials in Russia say such a burden has increased as crypto mining activities in the country have increased. People run their crypto mining machines in houses and apartments.

According to reports, local authorities are planning to increase and upgrade the grid to meet the needs of every citizen in the Irkutsk Oblast. However, on the other hand, it is planned to increase the unit price of electricity.

According to local news reports, the load on the power grids increased significantly in July. That burden is growing rapidly over time, and finally, in December it became a much bigger problem.

    “Despite the hot weather in November, the load has increased by about 40% compared to last year. Significant loads and increasing faults on power networks are linked to the activities of miners, ”said the Irkutsk Electric Grid Company (IESC).

The power grid currently designed and distributed is not designed for industrial use, where people are not allowed to exert constant pressure on the network.

Now, power supply operator companies are replacing fuses with high-capacity load fuses. But soon new pressures may come on household electricity consumers and the crypto mining business.

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