Italy’s Top Private Bank Banca Generali To Allow Users To Buy Bitcoin


This year more than 300,000 Banca Generali customers can buy and hold Bitcoin.

The bank has launched this feature in partnership with the cryptocurrency platform Conio, which integrates with Banca Generali’s Home Banking application.

As per the recent report from We Wealth, Banca Generali’s private clients can now buy and sell Bitcoin via the bank’s official application. Recently the bank has added Conio Inc. to its home banking system to enable customers to engage in cryptocurrency trading without leaving the bank’s online infrastructure. The platform is synchronised.

In December 2020, the bank bought a $14 million stake in Conio, and thus they gave Bitcoin custody to its customers.

Banca Generali COO Riccardo Renna said the consolidation of the Konio platform would be completed by early 2022.

  “Once the integration is complete, clients will be able to safely communicate with the most risky asset class when miscommunicated.”

Renna said the inclusion of Bitcoin was part of the bank’s larger plan to provide new and innovative services to bankers and their customers he further added that:

“We partnered with Conio to introduce an innovative custodial solution based on a multi-signature system that enables our clients’ bitcoin security and legacy wallet recovery in certain situations. The recovery process is made possible by the third key that Banca Generali has for our clients, allowing them to retrieve their wallets if needed. We believe this is the true power of our proposal and sets us apart from other markets.

Banca Generali is part of the Generali Group, one of the top ten insurance companies in the world. Renowned as the best private bank in Italy, it cares for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) seeking private banking and wealth management services.

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