How To Earn Free Bitcoin ?


Hello guys today in this post we will tell about numbers of ways to earn free Bitcoin without tedious job.

We will tell how to get free Bitcoins and also will tell websites which are giving free Bitcoin.

But keep in mind that these methods are time consuming methods to earn a penny of Bitcoin .

So we would like to suggest you , learn trading to make profit. You can read about it here.

1. Faucet websites free Bitcoins

There are numbers of websites are available in cryptocurrency field which are giving free bitcoin daily.

But the amount of free Bitcoin will not be like 1 Bitcoin or 2 Bitcoin.

It will be in amount 50 Satoshi to 500 Satoshi at max.

These websites are known as faucet websites of Bitcoin.

You can use, Bit Fun, contiply,  Satoshi lab, Bchain poker, etc 

These are genuine and well-known websites in the cryptocurrency market.

You can not only claim free Satoshi per hour/day but also you can do gambling of simple high low bet games and few race game and and also there is lottery system to win weekly and monthly.

2. Airdrop free coins earn 

Airdrop is just a promotion part of a coin before the launch date.

They provide free coins. 

So if we can collect them then may be chances that we can make lots of profit easily in future.

Since there is nothing sure about future but many coins proved that we can make free earning easily.

Usually we need always remain updated in youtube and another social media like Facebook and telegram to get information of free airdrop.

You can search groups about airdrop in telegram to join.

2. Join Signature campaign 

There are two top most websites in cryptocurrency market which gives you free Bitcoin for doing discussion in their form.

These two websites are and 

In these two websites you can not only earn Bitcoin but also another altcoins token.

You just need to follow terms and conditions and also rules to follow during discussion.

If you are thinking that how you will do it then don’t get into any tension because these two websites are made to help each other.

You can ask your questions about how to earn in this forum, everyone will try to help you in more clear way. 

And also you can search about signature campaign tutorial to join, At youtube.

But keep in mind everything is manual there, nothing about automatic payment.

These two websites are like Facebook. So if you are wasting your time at social media then better to join these two forum to make earning.  Don’t underestimate earning at these forums because many people are earning $500+ per month.

If you want tutorial to work at these forum then comment below.

3. Play games and earn Bitcoin

There are numbers of websites available which offers you to play game and earn free Bitcoin.

Some games allows you to play at desktop and few at mobile app, you can try them.

Bitcoin alien run ( minimum payout 0.0002btc ) 

Satoshi quiz ( daily, weekly & monthly payout )

Dragon tale ( desktop game very old )

Fair spin ( spin based game ) 

These ideas are time consuming methods to earn Bitcoin, so better to move towards good options .

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