Kathryn Haun is stepping down as a Coinbase board member


Coinbase board member Kathryn Haun has announced her resignation. She made note of her decision to devote more time to her firm and recognized the fast development of the crypto industry.

Former US assistant attorney general and current partner at Andreessen-Horowitz Kathryn Haun has announced her resignation from her role as a director of Coinbase. For the last seven years, Haun has been on Coinbase’s board of directors, during which time he has made substantial contributions to the growth of the company’s assets and advantages.

Haun expressed her strong belief in Coinbase’s ability to weather the changing cryptocurrency environment and continue making affordable development on the X blog.

Despite this, she did note the explosive expansion of the cryptocurrency market and said that she had resolved to devote more time to her investment fund business. Everyone in the neighborhood is praising and admiring Haun’s departure. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong paid tribute to Haun, saying that she “understood the vision” and was an excellent leader who drove the company’s public-sector transformation.

Haun is a former prosecutor for the Department of Justice, and Brian is very appreciative of her knowledgeable legal counsel. He particularly values her discussions on regulatory strategy and the appropriate timing to sue for violations, both of which he has seen put into practice on several occasions.

Therefore, she would resign at the end of the summer at Coinbase’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders. With Haun’s departure as backing, the board is contemplating adding two members to bring the number down to seven.

Another sign of the crypto industry’s lack of diversity and representation is the impending removal of one of the two female board members during the changeover.

Investment bank KBW recently admitted that Coinbase presented a fantastic opportunity to choose a substantial investment that may subsequently enjoy growth and success inside the crypto asset ecosystem. KBW raised their COIN price objective to $230.

Despite the stock’s outstanding market performance, the KBW raised Coinbase’s target price from $160 to $230 in a research review. Even Coinbase has not been immune to the complex difficulties brought upon by the current regulatory climate.

Judge Katherine Polk Failla of the US District Court of the Southern District of New York ruled last month that Coinbase may proceed with the SEC’s legal action.

Following the secretary of the SEC’s claims that Coinbase operates as an unlicensed exchange, broker, and clearing agency, the court ended reviewing Coinbase’s request for dismissal. The court ruled that the SEC’s theory of liability was “plausible” in her ruling.

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