Satoshi Nakamoto’s Foundational Declaration Released In Hidden Emails


Martti Malmi, an early Bitcoin contributor, has revealed an abundance of private emails exchanged with Satoshi Nakamoto. These emails provide fresh insight into the origins of Bitcoin and Nakamoto’s philosophical stance towards the cryptocurrency.

Nakamoto saw Bitcoin first and foremost as a means of exchange, not just an investment instrument. This is a crucial insight. Prior to environmental issues being a hot topic, he addressed them by highlighting the energy efficiency of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work process in comparison to conventional banking.

The email dated May 2, 2009, from Satoshi Nakamoto, praises Malmi for seeing Bitcoin’s potential and notes that tying Bitcoin to fiat currencies might increase its value. Nakamoto was waiting for the proper time to publicly address this issue. Anticipating broad adoption, he said, means becoming ready for a flood of users.

In addition, Nakamoto predicted Bitcoin’s scalability, or its capacity to process more transactions at a lower cost than traditional financial systems could. Though he downplayed the significance of the early weaknesses, he promised that the network would grow more secure with time.

The fact that Nakamoto asked for assistance with website material is another intriguing and, to some extent, humorous aspect of the emails. In doing so, he demonstrates his eagerness to cooperate and delegate, giving a human face to the mythologized character of Nakamoto.

There was also talk of user friendliness, backups, and Bitcoin-like encryption. They prove that Nakamoto wants to make Bitcoin available and safe for everyone.

A closer examination of these email exchanges may reveal more about Satoshi Nakamoto’s hidden identity, which would add depth to the story of Bitcoin’s creator and Satoshi Nakamoto.

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