Launch Of Crypto Mining Car Soon


After the tweet of Elon Musk about Bitcoin mining impact on the environment, Many people are starting to support Bitcoin mining in their own ways. They are not only ready support cryptocurrency mining but also can do mining of cryptocurrency with free green energy.

Recently 5 days ago on 2 June 2021, Daymak announced their plan to launch a car in 2023.The estimated price of the car will be around $19,995.

According to Daymak, Car will be able to achieve 60MPH within 6.9 seconds.

And cars will be able to mine cryptocurrency with high efficiency. 

They will install software in the car program. That software will help to use those mined cryptocurrency to pay any type of online bill. 

And also car owners will be able to pay their tolls from mined crypto from their car.

So here we can say, A new concept is going to enter in this field of cryptocurrency market.

According to the Daymak company, cars will use Electric and Solar energy to run.

So clearly there is no direct relationship of environmental damage due to mining of cryptocurrency through cars.

So the Daymak car will be a solar + electric car. 

Daymak is claiming that the leading electric car company Tesla will support their project at a worldwide level.

Hope everything goes well with this concept of cryptocurrency Mining business by Daymak.

Legality Issue Of Mining With Car 

Since there are many countries which are allowing people to mine cryptocurrency but there are many countries which are not allowing any type of cryptocurrency mining activity.

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So what will be the situation for these crypto mining Restricted countries with this car.

A solar energy system may allow cryptocurrency mining without violating the rules of any country.

Well it will be a big matter for this car to launch in cryptocurrency mining banned countries.

We here can hope for the best.

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Is Crypto Mining With a Car Really Worth?

No matter from where we are getting the source of energy in the form of electricity.

But here we can’t ignore the basic law of energy conservation.

According to the law of conservation we can’t create or destroy energy but can transform it from I form to another form.

Here if a car will do mining of cryptocurrency then surely it will consume solar generated electricity or direct stored electricity from the electricity pump.

At the end the car will use our generated electricity no matter what the source is. 

If we will focus on the point of solar energy source, then still it is not a good option to choose a car to install cryptocurrency Mining setup.

It would be much better to set up a solar power station at home or in a spacious area and then do mining with that power.

Here if we install a mining system in the car then with the running car better internet speed and high power source can’t be achieved easily.

Everyone in this world knows very well that the size of the car and outward appearance is limited. So how we can expect a good level generation of solar electricity with car and Mining of cryptocurrency.

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