‘Leaked Payement’s System Code’ Imply Trillion-Dollar Tesla May Be Looking To Accept SHIB Payments


This season’s meme coin, Shiba Inu, has been the talk of the market since the bullish rally that started last month. As new reports suggest that electric vehicle giant Tesla may focus on this crypto asset, SHIB is opening the new month with the same optimism for investors.

As per the latest development, the company’s website was found containing the back-end processing code ‘Shiba’ has been set up alongside Bitcoin. Although the code is not available to the public, the code is in the “Apple Pay” banner. Many market players are now beginning to believe that the company is looking to accept SHIB payments.

One of the few observers who took to Twitter to share a screenshot by “Watcher.Guru” a popular crypto personality, also the code could be removed at any time, but its legitimacy can now be confirmed.

“We can verify that Tesla included SHIB with bitcoin in their website payment processing system code. It is not currently enabled for the public and may be scrapped at any time.

Furthermore, the code was confirmed by a ShibSwap developer. However, he noted that there could be two other reasons for the code to appear on the company’s website, other than accepting it as payment. Since Elon Musk has previously revealed that he has zero Shiba and has historically been known as a “troll” for cryptocurrencies he does not support, it is not surprising that a developer would speculate that a  Tesla official is trolling Shiba and also that ‘Shiba’ code be another code name used for another dog theme currency.

While people wait for confirmation or rejection from Tesla or Elon Musk, shib bulls are active as the daily losses move upwards. With the new daily high of $ 0.00007, sentiment on the Shib price is still bullish.

However, some Bitcoin representatives, such as Mark Moss, believe that Shib’s run will be short-lived. His tweet further reflected the sentiments of many other important personality.

“In 2017 you must first buy Bitcoin, then trade for the Alts represented in BTC and create AltCoin seasons after the BTC pump. Today people buy dogs and SHIBs first and finally find their way to Bitcoin with pain.

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