MoneyGram jumps in Crypto industry


Because of the increasing demand and adoption of the digital assets, MoneyGram partners with the Stellar development foundation.

In the recent announcement, MoneyGram and Stellar foundation became official partners to support each other through their unique services. Under this partnership, MoneyGram will integrate the blockchain based service of Circle firm to allow their users to swap their cash into USDC.

At the present time, MoneyGram has around 150 million users in the whole world, While Steller has around 5 million. But as we know the adoption of blockchain technology is increasing day by day because of the ease of cross border transactions, so MoneyGram took this step to adopt blockchain innovation through partnership.

Obviously, this partnership of MoneyGram will give better user experience but there are few players who don’t think that MoneyGram did a good job through this partnership. According to Charlie Silver, CEO of, MoneyGram should focus on their existing services based business instead of getting into crypto. And further added 

“If I was the CEO of those companies I would stay focused on doing what they do well and try to optimize it. Crypto is an entirely new industry and they will have difficulty adapting,” 

Well here, all is part of the opportunity and need. MoneyGram knows very well that if they will not adopt the changes then they may face big problems. There are huges chances that people may move towards blockchain services based platforms. Probably users of MoneyGram will get a better option to use MoneyGram to make use of the platform to get into blockchain and crypto easily.

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