Neel Patel Allegedly Scamming Thousands of People, trends on Twitter


Reportedly Neel Patel from India has cheated thousands of people in the name of providing them with a job and thus has seemingly collected a total worth of about ₹200-300 crore. Allegedly, people are still reporting various allegations on Neil Patel. They further seek support on this case by the Indian government and that it will take action against him soon.

Similar types of scams involving job-seeking populations have been on a rise in recent times, the reason being people want a shift from their previous low-paying jobs to higher-paying jobs while unknowingly getting trapped into such scams.

The Indian Twitter is booming with the hashtag #ScammerNeelpatel #NeelPatel, and people are actively sharing a tweet that suggests that Neel has collected a huge chuck on money in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although he promised to provide them with a job for the money he took, eventually failed to do so and didn’t provide them with any job, and neither is he now responding to them. 

A Twitter handle came up with a tweet claiming that many of the big authorities and big executives have joined hands with Neel and were supporting him indirectly in the scam. Neel as of now resides in the U.S.

The biggest allegation against Neil Patel is that he collected about ₹200-300 crores through his fraud. This is about $300-400 million dollars, while further allegations a;lso suggest the same that he had collected a large amount of money through various similar fraudulent activities.

Until not despite various allegations on him no governmental bodies have taken action on him, this rather questions of him being a scammer. But also, on the other hand, various group of people are campaigning against him.

While these actions cleaning gets under the eyes of law enforcement agencies and thus it might prove a good strategy to pressurize the government agencies to plan an investigation and also take actions as per the requirement in the matter.

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