Orbs Liquidity Hub joins up with SpookySwap and expands its reach to Fantom


SpookySwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that uses automated market-making (AMM), has just informed Finbold on June 3 that it has integrated Liquidity Hub, the Layer-3 protocol (L3) developed by Orbs.

Thanks to Liquidity Hub’s integration, SpookySwap customers now have access to deeper liquidity on Fantom (FTM) derived from many on-chain protocols.

Improved usability is one of the many claimed benefits of the update, which is based on Orbs’ L3 technology.

With this latest release on Fantom, Orbs’ Liquidity Hub has expanded to an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain for the sixth time, further enhancing the SpookySwap user experience.

Through its simplified interface, the hub facilitates gasless transactions, protects against Maximal Extractable Value (MEV), and enables more efficient pricing. It also boosts capital efficiency.

There are no custodial concerns or compromises to the permissionless nature of decentralized finance (DeFi) when DEXs use Orbs Liquidity Hub, an interoperable and completely decentralized protocol, to pull liquidity from on- and off-chain sources.

To improve price quotations and execute transactions with less slippage, Liquidity Hub feeds into external liquidity and functions as an L3 optimization layer above the AMM.

With these enhancements, traders may get more out of each swap without spending a dime more. By using AMM pools or proprietary solver inventories, Liquidity Hub connects with third-party solvers who can provide swap liquidity.

Additionally, it facilitates decentralized orders via an API, letting professional and institutional traders compete for swaps via bids.

The AMM contract takes precedence over the layer when the latter is unable to complete the deal at a better price.

For a smooth and easy trading experience, Liquidity Hub keeps SpookySwap’s familiar UI. Thena on Binance’s BNB Chain (BNB), IntentX on Base, and QuickSwap (QUICK) on Polygon PoS are just a few examples of how this integration consolidates liquidity across different chains.

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