Pi Coin Holders’ Next Steps After DEX Launch


Rumors regarding a potential DEX introduction and a delayed mainnet launch are emerging for Pi Network. Pi Coin’s future value is the subject of speculation amid community anticipation.

A fresh rumor has thrust the Pi project back into the limelight after it had already been making headlines for months with the announcement of its network mainnet debut.

There are rumors that the Pi Network mainnet launch may be delayed once more, and the Pi development team may debut a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) prior to the mainnet launch, according to the information. Nevertheless, there is no information regarding the launch of the mainnet, nor is there any value associated with the token at this time. Therefore, the notion of a decentralized exchange appears to be exceedingly improbable.

The query that arises is who disseminated the rumor that Pi was launching its DEX in conjunction with the mainnet launch. This is the work of the Pi Network shilling team, a dedicated group of individuals who daily disseminate news in order to achieve virality. This team ensures that the Pi Coin holders remain enthusiastic about the initiative by maintaining the environment at a high level of excitement.

The Pi shilling team had previously disseminated a rumor that billionaire industrialist Elon Musk had joined the Pi project and was planning to begin accepting payments with Pi Coin on his social media platform, X. However, Musk and X did not respond to the news, which revealed that Tesla had not engaged in any such partnership.

Nevertheless, there is a rumor that the Pi Coin will transact at approximately 30 to 50 rupees upon its release. In light of the manner in which users are engaging with this project, it is reasonable to assume that the holders remain optimistic about the imminent launch of the Pi Network mainnet and the tradability of its native token, Pi Coin.

The Pi Network’s development team recently affirmed their readiness to launch the mainnet by posting an official message on their social media account on X.

Nevertheless, the Pi team should have included the June 28 launch date in their most recent post, as it was previously deemed the Mainnet launch date. The Pi team’s most recent post, however, indicates that the mainnet launch is not imminent, as there is still some time remaining. Nevertheless, the consumers of Pi Coin are still anticipating June 28. The fate of the Pi Network is uncertain; whether it will be operational or whether holders will endure another disappointment.

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