The Ripple CTO is furious over the FTX customer refund issue


The exchange has rejected a withdrawal request, prompting Ripple’s top executive to comment on a recently shared FTX case.

A former FTX user has shared a case of an attempted fund withdrawal from the ill-reputed and non-functioning FTX crypto exchange, which has been the subject of comment from Ripple’s chief technology officer (CTO), David Schwartz.

This is not the first time David Schwartz has criticized FTX in his tweets, and he was unable to suppress his indignation and disappointment. In November 2022, this exchange, which was previously one of the largest, dissolved due to allegations of investor fraud against its founder and CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, who was in custody. He is currently serving his sentence in prison, while certain users persist in their endeavors to retrieve their funds that are lodged in FTX purses.

Schwartz shared a tweet from @cuntycakes123, an X user. The latter shared his most recent experience of endeavoring to extricate his cryptocurrency from the currently defunct FTX trading platform.

The user provided screenshots of emails that he received from the FTX customer support service. In those emails, FTX declines to authorize the user’s requested withdrawal of funds from the exchange due to the fact that the user’s bank statement indicates figures that are significantly lower than the amount he requested.

It is now necessary for @cuntycakes123 to submit a bank statement that corresponds to the quantity of money he has in his bank account and the amount he has requested to withdraw from FTX.

The situation was succinctly summarized by the user in a tweet: “It appears that you are not entitled to any funds back if you deposit all of your money on ftx right now.”

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