Pullix raises $7M in last presale before thrilling launch


Pullix secures $7 million through presales as it approaches its highly anticipated release.

Pullix, an industry leader in decentralized finance (DeFi), has attracted considerable interest as its presale phase nears completion.

Pullix, whose inventive hybrid exchange platform has collected a total of $7 million to date, is well positioned to bring about a paradigm shift in the cryptocurrency trading industry. As the final phase of the presale advances at an accelerated rate, expectations intensify for the highly anticipated release of Pullix, which may bring in a new era of cryptocurrency trading.

Pullix’s hybrid exchange presents an innovative strategy for decentralized finance (DeFi) by effectively combining the advantages of centralized and decentralized platforms.

The PLX token serves as the foundation of the Pullix exchange, providing users with exclusive rewards, trading discounts, and passive revenue. By maintaining ownership of their assets, PLX holders participate in the success of the platform via a transparent revenue-sharing mechanism.

PLX functions as a vital component of the Pullix ecosystem, providing users with an extensive array of advantages that augment their trading encounters.

Traders can generate passive revenue with PLX through the stake of tokens in the market-making liquidity pool. Moreover, PLX holders are eligible for substantial trading fee discounts, which significantly reduce the cost of transactions. Contributed from Pullix’s daily revenues, exclusive rewards serve as an additional incentive for participation.

As per the details disclosed on Pullix’s official website, a portion of the daily revenues generated by Pullix shall be allocated towards the purchase of $PLX tokens from the open market for the purpose of burning, in order to mitigate supply and demand fluctuations when Pullix launches and trading commences.

The presale phase of PLX has achieved exceptional results, amassing over $7 million in funding as the concluding phase advances swiftly.

At its present value of $0.14 per token, the presale provides investors with an exceptional chance to obtain PLX prior to the eagerly anticipated release.

The sale of more than three million tokens, or roughly 67.7% of the total supply, during the presale signifies the increasing fervor and backing for Pullix. As the countdown timer progresses, investors have the opportunity to secure PLX tokens before the presale concludes by visiting the Pullix website.

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