ZeroLend raises $3 million in seed funding, which is worth $25 million


ZeroLend, a lending protocol built on zkSync, has raised $3 million in initial investment, bringing its worth to $25 million. Many different types of investors have faith in ZeroLend’s contribution to DeFi, including Momentum 6 and the Blockchain Founders Fund.

The decentralized lending technology ZeroLend, which is part of the zkSync ecosystem, has raised $25 million after raising $3 million in startup capital.

This major financial achievement demonstrates how investors are becoming more comfortable with decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions and how ZeroLend stands out in this emerging market.

Investors in the seed round came from all walks of life, representing the blockchain and cryptocurrency investment environment as a whole. Asteroid Capital, iAngels, Krypital, Genblock, viaBTC, GBV, and the Blockchain Founders Fund are among the notable participants in the round. The diverse group of investors in ZeroLend, which includes blockchain-focused VC companies and funds that specialize in new technologies, is a testament to the company’s ambitions to shake up the DeFi lending industry.

Participation from such a diverse group of investors not only gives the protocol much-needed financial support but also a plethora of knowledge and contacts that can help get it up and running. With the help of its investors, ZeroLend is planning to launch an innovative decentralized lending market that is both more accessible and more efficient.

Launching its native governance token, ZERO, in the first quarter of 2024 is a crucial part of the protocol’s objective. One of the most important parts of the protocol’s ecosystem is the ZERO token, which will give token holders a say in governance choices and the platform’s future. In addition to decentralizing decision-making, this method also ensures that stakeholders’ and users’ interests are in line with ZeroLend’s long-term success.

The DeFi community is counting down the days before ZERO launches, since it will be a major step towards a fully decentralized lending network. By giving its users the authority to govern themselves, ZeroLend is demonstrating how DeFi protocols may work with openness, inclusiveness, and community-driven innovation.

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