Pyth Network Announces 100th SeraBlock Data Provider


As its one hundredth data provider, SeraBlock improves the precision of DeFi data and increases the dependability of real-time prices.

It is essential to have precise, up-to-the-minute data in decentralized finance (DeFi). Accurate execution of smart contracts is made possible by real-time data, which supports the whole DeFi ecosystem. Traders are able to make well-informed judgments, which helps to maintain market stability.

With SeraBlock as its 100th data supplier, Pyth Network took a significant step in promoting real-time date availability, solidifying its position in this field. The agreement aims to improve the network’s data quality and variety, which will lead to a more dependable experience for users.

A major player in the DeFi industry, SeraBlock AG of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley, became Pyth Network’s 100th data provider on Monday, February 5.

The data aggregation capabilities of Pyth Network have been significantly improved, as this milestone attests. Pyth fortifies its position in the DeFi space by using SeraBlock’s exclusive market data.

Pyth’s revolutionary speed and decentralized pricing oracle architecture are key factors propelling the development and growth of DeFi, as explained by Stefan Hanssen, Director of Serablock AG. In addition, he expressed excitement about the opportunity to price assets for Pyth by using their knowledge of market-making and arbitrage trading.

The reliability and safety of Pyth’s varied network of data sources are the foundation upon which the platform’s 400+ real-time on-chain pricing feeds rest. Thanks to SeraBlock, Pyth’s data feeds will be more accurate, which will increase the network’s usefulness and dependability.

Established in 2023, SeraBlock has been a leading provider of liquidity for decentralized and centralized exchanges alike. In addition to delivering cutting-edge market data in real time, the business uses this data to implement sophisticated arbitrage techniques in the digital asset space.

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