Robinhood to Set Record Straight on Rumored Shiba Inu Listing During Today’s Earnings Call


Crypto traders want Shiba Inu listed in Robinhood and according to Say Technologies, an investor communication platform, the main question Robinhood investors asked before the Q3 earnings call was whether the online brokerage app plans to list Shiba Inu cryptocurrency or not.

While various proponents from listing claim that the companies decision on adding a new cryptocurrency to the trading platform can hinder the companies growth and affects its revenue.

While many other competitors have added various different cryptocurrencies pairs to their buy and sell listings, on the other hand, Robinhood did not add new cryptocurrencies in two years.

“Looking back at Q2, we saw a lot of interest in crypto, especially with Dogecoin which accounted for 34% of all the transactions, which led to many new customers joining the platform and registering revenue,” said Robinhood Chief Executive Officer Vladimir Tenev.

Robinhood, which claims to be at the forefront of democratizing finance, has reportedly begun answering the top-voted questions posed by investors during its Q2 earnings call.

All inquiries are being processed via Say Technologies, which Robinhood acquired in early August.

Shiba Inu’s dramatic rise this week coincides with growing support for’s petition seeking trading platform Robin Hood to list Shiba Inu Coin on the site. The petition has so far received about 334,000 signatures.

But in the third quarter, crypto activity “fell from record levels as compared to the previous quarter, leading to a significant drop in new fund accounts,” Robinhood said.

Thus CEO Vladimir Tenev avoided directly answering questions related to the latest and the hottest meme token.

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