Robinhood’s SHIB reach 36.684T amid whale buildup


Robinhood gained 36,684 trillion SHIB tokens in only one day, thanks to the enthusiasm of investors.

The Shiba Inu is actively pursuing ICANN, forming a strategic alliance with D3 Global, and acquiring the SHIB domain.

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) wallets on Robinhood have seen an unprecedented spike, amassing 231 billion tokens in a single day. According to statistics from Arkham Intelligence, Robinhood’s SHIB holdings have grown to an astounding 36.684 trillion tokens, which is a record amount.

This spike shows that investors are becoming more interested, which the crypto world is watching intently. There have been major whale actions and strategic alliances in the Shiba Inu environment, so this fits in with the bigger picture.

The commission-free trading platform Robinhood has been in the news recently due to its large holdings of Shiba Inu coins. A total of 231 billion tokens were added to the platform’s SHIB wallet in only one day.

According to these exchange wallets that display user holdings, investors on the Robinhood platform have noticed a significant increase in SHIB accumulation. One cryptocurrency, “whale,” transferred an unprecedented 136.8 billion tokens to an exchange wallet, demonstrating the significant influence that whales play in the industry.

A community-driven burn event has consumed 9.35 billion SHIB tokens, demonstrating an impressive 28,600% rise in the burn rate, coinciding with the accumulation of Shiba Inu on Robinhood.

The burn rate increased by an incredible 160,598% from the previous day to 8.6 billion SHIB tokens last month, when the community submitted them for permanent deletion. The smart mix of collection and burning highlights the ever-changing market for Shiba Inus.

Shiba Inu’s strategic goals are linked with the recent spike in SHIB shares. Users are now able to purchase SHIB domain names thanks to a major agreement with domain company D3 Global.

Shiba Inu is now among the pioneering decentralized initiatives aiming for a top-level domain name via ICANN, thanks to this partnership. The relationship is in line with the growing trend of burn rates among Shiba Inu owners.

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