Space ID and ZKFair are working together to improve blockchain domain services with the launch of .ZKF Domains


Community members may now mint .zkf domain names for 1 USDC thanks to ZKFair’s partnership with SPACE ID. A public mint is set to take place at the month’s conclusion.

The objective of this collaboration is to transform blockchain domain services and improve the usability and accessibility of the blockchain for users by integrating the Layer 2 network expertise of ZKFair and the decentralized domain protocol of SPACE ID.

An intriguing partnership between SPACE ID and ZKFair, a community-driven ZK Layer 2 network, has been launched, signaling a major advancement in the domain service business. This collaboration is all about launching the.zkf domain service, which is going to change the game when it comes to blockchain-related domain management and use.

The program embodies the values of ZKFair and SPACE ID, being both a technological development and a community-centric approach to domain services.

A common goal of enhancing user agency within the blockchain community is central to the partnership. In addition to their technical know-how and reputation for innovation in Layer 2 solutions, ZKFair also delivers a thorough comprehension of community requirements. The distinctive feature that SPACE ID, a decentralized domain service protocol, offers—the seamless binding of numerous chain identities—complements. More than merely a commercial partnership, the partnership between ZKFair and SPACE ID represents the coming together of community-driven values and state-of-the-art technology.

The strength of the collaboration is shown by the .zkf domain service. This is a huge step forward for integrating domain services into the blockchain ecosystem. Users have never had so much control over their domain name options as with our mint.zkf service. Everyone in the community will be able to quickly buy and use these domains since the procedure is designed to be easy and accessible.

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