Samsung shows off a new Ballie robot that can make projection at CES 2024


CES 2024 attendees were impressed by Samsung’s enhanced Ballie robot, which is now a multipurpose housemate because of its new projection skills.

The new Ballie robot, shown at CES 2024 by Samsung, has an innovative projection capability that has caused quite a stir. In an exciting video presentation, the tech giant displayed this groundbreaking innovation, showing how Ballie can now project pictures and films onto different surfaces as it moves about a house.

Samsung created the Ballie robot, which can now dynamically adapt to its surroundings. It was first shown at CES 2020. This technological wonder is made to fit in with your everyday life and opens you to a world of thrilling possibilities.

The presentation included a number of captivating scenarios that Ballie used to showcase its projection capabilities. It revolutionized pet entertainment by playing a video of a bird for an ecstatic dog. A video call, representing a method of communication in the future, was shown on a wall. Ballie demonstrated how it can play exercise videos, which is a great feature for those who want to work out at home.

The capacity of Ballie to automatically modify projections, taking into account its proximity to walls and surrounding lighting conditions, is an impressive feature. Users will always have the best possible viewing experience thanks to this innovation. Plus, it’s the first projector of its kind to automatically adjust the projection angle based on the user’s posture and face angle, making it very user-friendly and comfortable.

Ballie is more than just a projection machine; it’s also a smart home helper. It can easily control things like air conditioners, lighting, washing machines, and more. You can automate and simplify your everyday chores using this capability.

Among Ballie’s many impressive abilities shown in the movie are its ability to switch on lights, dispense dog food, and even communicate with you via text message. Ballie combines projection with smart home control to make it a helpful housemate and robot that fits in with your everyday routine.

Its capacity to trail after you as you move about your house is one of Ballie’s most impressive capabilities. Whenever you enter the house, whether via the front entrance or one of the many rooms, Ballie will be there to welcome you and provide a helping hand. Its exceptional reactivity and mobility make it stand out among home automation systems.

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