The Founder of Messari’s Advice on Managing Crypto Gains in a Bull Market


Messari’s Selkis advises crypto investors to store assets, time smart movements amid market-value rises, and maximize gains wisely.

Ryan Selkis, creator of Messari, has taken to social media to reveal his plan for crypto investors who want to make the greatest profit in the coming days. Selkis says you shouldn’t sell anything in the first quarter of 2024.

Ryan Selkis, creator of Messari and 340,600 X (previously Twitter) followers, has advised them to hold on to their assets for the next several months. He recommends taking strategic action when the ratio of market value to realized value increases by a factor of two or three, suggesting that prices may be overvalued.

“Your current task should be to cling persistently to BTC for the next two months and then cash in when MVRV crosses 2-3.” “You can play the hot ball of money game with half of your money and set aside half for taxes,” he said.

Despite the general rising trend in cryptocurrency pricing, Neuner cautioned his 736,400 followers in a recent X (previously Twitter) tweet against jumping in too soon:

“This bull market is like a 42-kilometer marathon. Act accordingly. About 10 kilometers have been covered thus far; the remaining distance is 32 kilometers.”

Claiming, “There are 32km of opportunities ahead of us,” he addressed his followers publicly. In addition, he stresses that customers shouldn’t worry about missing any deals or trying to time their trades perfectly. “Hurrying to become rich has caused most people to get REKT before the end!”

What was popular in one cycle may not be in the current one since the market is always changing and new currencies are appearing.

Neuner singled out PEPE as a cryptocurrency to keep an eye on in October 2023, according to BeInCrypto.

The price of PEPE is $0.00000117 as of the publishing time. He elaborates by saying it’s a reliable sign of an oversaturated market.

When the market starts to grow too hot, it serves as an indicator. You should go when you see that people are willing to put their trust in it and it starts to pump. “It always works,” Neuner said.

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