Shiba Inu’s Puppynet Testnet Records 10 Million Transactions, Bringing Ecosystem Tokens into Sharp Relief


The future Ethereum-based blockchain will facilitate transactions using the shiba inu, leash, and bone tokens of the ecosystem.

With the mainnet launch for the Shibarium network scheduled for later this year, Puppynet, the network’s native test network, has passed the 10-million-transaction milestone.

Since its March 11 introduction, the Puppynet testnet has executed over 11 million transactions using over 15 million wallets, according to statistics from blockchain explorers. More than 400,000 deals were made on a single day on May 21, representing the bulk of this movement.

In an effort to address scalability, transaction times, and transaction costs, Ethereum-based blockchains like Arbitrum and Optimism will soon be joined by the forthcoming layer 2 network Shibarium.

Shiba Inu was created during the last bull market as a Shiba Inu-themed meme currency, but it has now rebranded itself as a real project with its own blockchain network and decentralised application (dApp) ecosystem, and the launch might add to its solid foundations.

With a combined market worth of nearly $5 billion, the three tokens that make up the Shiba Inu ecosystem—SHIB, LEASH, and BONE—could benefit from this development.

The number of SHIB tokens that will be destroyed with each transaction on Shibarium is still being determined.

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