The Creator of Ethereum Discusses Binance’s New Worldcoin Listing


Binance-listed cryptocurrency Worldcoin has a biometric proof of identity method, and Vitalik Buterin recently gave his opinion on the matter.

Vitalik Buterin, inventor of Ethereum, recently discussed Worldcoin’s biometric proof of identity system, which is available on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Buterin said that these systems are necessary, but need to be developed further and that this may take years. He noted that personality-proof systems carry with them issues such as privacy and security.

The following are examples of key points made by Buterin in his article: “A decentralized authentication solution is one of the most promising things the Ethereum community is working on.

The “unique human issue” or “proof of identity” is a subset of real-world identification that asserts a specific registered account is owned and operated by a natural person (and a natural person distinct from all other registered accounts), preferably without disclosing the identity of that natural person.

Proof of Humanity, BrightID, Idena, and Circles are just a few of the solutions that have been proposed to this problem.

The basic idea is that although AI will provide a lot of wealth and prosperity for mankind, it also has the potential to eliminate many occupations and make it difficult to distinguish between humans and machines.

It has been said that Worldcoin’s Orb privacy and security features, its “coin” design, and some of the company’s business decisions raise ethical questions.

Threats include the inevitability of data breaches, the gradual degradation of users’ capacity to use the web anonymously, the enforcement of such restrictions by authoritarian regimes, and the probable impossibility of a truly decentralised system.

Buterin, who compared several personality proof methods in a lengthy paper, has indicated he supports any efforts in this direction.

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