Ripple Forms Partnership With Firm to Conduct CBDC and Crypto Experiments


To conduct tests on crypto assets and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), Ripple Labs has partnered with a research and development organisation in Northern Europe.

“The goal of this partnership is to increase regulatory trust in the safety and security of digital assets by encouraging their testing and issuance, namely central bank digital currencies and stablecoins.

Axiology is a distributed ledger trade and settlement system, built on top of tokens. Synergies, streamlined processes, and innovative business models are all made possible by the fact that different parts of the existing capital market infrastructure may now coexist on a single technological layer.

Together, we can accelerate the widespread use of blockchain technology in the financial sector, which is in line with Ripple’s mission.”

Ripple claims that the collaboration will allow authorities to examine the robustness of digital currencies. The Axiology project’s exhaustive testing of the DLT Pilot Regime gives regulators unprecedented confidence in the stability and safety of digital assets.

According to Ripple, the goal of the project is to showcase a key use case for tokenization and digital assets on the XRP Ledger in the context of a real-world company.

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