The Creator of MakerDAO Speaks Highly About Solana (SOL)


In a comment he posted on the forum, MakerDAO’s creator gushed about Solana (SOL).

One of the first and most important Ethereum-based DAOs and protocols, MakerDAO, had some kind words to say about Solana’s work lately.

In a recent blog post, the creator of MakerDAO detailed why he thinks Solana is the best codebase for NewChain, a new blockchain proposal that will replace the present Maker protocol and correct its technical issues.

The creator of MakerDAO has identified three key features that set Solana apart from other blockchain solutions.

The first was the superior technical quality of the Solana codebase, which was built from the ground up with running a single, very efficient blockchain in mind. The creator of MakerDAO praised Solana’s engineering, noting that it was built after the limitations and difficulties of blockchains were well known. He also said that Solana’s versatility is enhanced by the fact that it supports two client apps.

The Solana ecosystem has survived the FTX disaster, which is the second reason. The MakerDAO creator claims that, despite the project’s difficulties, it has a robust development community.

According to the creator of MakerDAO, this indicates Solana has a long-lasting lindy impact. Because of this, he said, Maker can always draw from a large pool of skilled individuals and spend less money on development and upkeep.

Thirdly, he pointed out that the Solana source has already been cloned and altered to serve as appchains, which are private blockchains that operate atop another blockchain.

The Pyth network stands out as the most noteworthy instance of a network using a customized version of Solana as its backend. According to the creator of MakerDAO, this demonstrates that Solana may be modified to suit NewChain’s requirements.

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