Top 9 Best Earning Ideas In Crypto


In this article, we will cover the best ideas to make earning in cryptocurrency.

Since we will tell about the all ideas of earning but may be all ideas of earning with Bitcoin and crypto may not suites perfectly  for all persons .

So it will be better for you to choose the perfect one according to your budget and existing facility that you have  you have.

In this article we will cover these earning methods

  1. Earning bitcoins with discussion & conversations 
  2. Earning with faucet collections 
  3. CPU mining 
  4. YouTube & Social media 
  5. Trading with crypto
  6. Earn by Lending Your crypto assets 
  7. Play Game and Earn bitcoin 
  8. Earn with Gambling & Betting
  9.  Do Job for crypto related websites

Earning bitcoins with discussion & conversations 

We can earn money by just simple discussion with other people. 

Usually, we need to find the perfect and genuine website. Otherwise if we will go with none trusted websites then there are chances that we will not get any payout.

The best way to make earning with simple discussion about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is and and both are the best way to make earning for beginner because they are giving free tokens and bitcoin , for simple discussion and with another members at their websites .

If you want to make earning with these two options then you can see our article about ” how to earn with ” 

  • We can make decent amount of free tokens of new coins and bitcoin just by simple conversation and discussion about crypto & bitcoin related topic. 
  • We can get any type of information and help regarding any type of problem related with cryptocurrency & bitcoin. For example any wallet problem, mining related questions, technical terms, market analysis etc. Almost every possible problem related with crypto.
  • We can share our own knowledge with other people in the internet world.
  • We can buy and sell crypto assets & goods  directly, but we need to use an escrow service, which is very easy.
  • We can get lots of knowledge about bitcoin and cryptocurrency and also information about new new things because people like  discussion about popular and famous topic of present time.
  • It is tough for a newbie to enter in the forum because they have lots of restrictions for newbies.
  • We are restricted with many types of rules to use their forum like no referral link,  no  investment discussion , no giveaway.
  • We need to maintain our quality like conversation and discussion style otherwise they can ban you permanently.
  • You can’t leave their forum for long term. If you will do the same, then they will ban you or can lock your account permanently.

Earning with faucet collections

If you are a beginner in the field of Bitcoin then it will be better for you to start with faucet collection. 

There are numbers of websites available which are giving free Satoshi per hour and day , known as faucet websites.

If you are newbie in this field of crypto then you should start with faucet websites to grab free Satoshi per hour.

The most genuine and perfect faucet website for free satoshi per hour is freebitco faucet

faucet collection

Since we have a separate article for faucet websites, you can check here.

Disadvantage of bitcoin faucet website
  • Wastage of time for micro earnings.
  • Very less probability to make very high reward per hour.
  • Per hour reward remains very low, it can be 100 satoshi or even less. Depend upon market rate of Bitcoin.
Advantage of bitcoin faucet website 
  • We can make earning with just captcha fill.
  • Need no effort.
  • Need no investment.
  • We can make decent earning with multiple accounts and multiple accounts at multiple faucet websites.
  • We can earn by referral  .
  • No risk involve with Bitcoin faucet collection.
  • Easy to grab free Satoshi by clear captcha.

CPU mining 

We can make free earning with our CPU and GPU power. We just need to share our computer power.

Since we can’t make  very high earnings but it remains better if we can use it in the background of our computer during our office work with PC.

  • We can earn with less effort.
  • We can use our computer power which remains on every time in our office or home with less use.
  • We don’t need a high power software, we just need 100-200kb script file to run.
  • We can’t use our PC for earning only for mining purpose because at the end we will face loss because of electricity consumption by PC.
  • It can ruin life and power of your PC hardware.
  • We can’t mine every coin. There are only selected coins available in crypto market that can be mine with PC.
  • Not a high-profit source of earning.

YouTube & Social media 

If you have a big social media network and a YouTube channel then you can make decent earning in bitcoin field.

You can contact new new projects and services in crypto market to prompt their service at your social media network.

  •  Less investment and high return.
  • You need , just share your knowledge and build a good network.
  • A very big competition entered in this field  because everyone wants to make earning without investment.
  • Can take two to three years to grow and see profit of your hard work.
  • Time consuming work. You need to give your full effort to get success.
  • You need to keep your attention 24×7 in week.
  • You need to give content every day to your network.
  • You need to maintain quality of your content, which us very tough.


If you are a beginner then you can do trading in crypto. We already have article to learn how to trade Bitcoin and crypto. And how to do analysis in trading about market pump and dump.

  • You need to build trust to start trade with bitcoin only for fiat which is time consuming .
  • You need to keep your attention over the market of cryptocurrency from every point ( hype, news & technical analysis).
  • You need to do deep analysis.
  • Need lots of patience.
  • Need a good amount of initial investment.
  • Easy to start trading as a beginner.
  • Easy to understand the logics of better trade.
  • Numbers of good platform available to do trade.

Earn by Lending Your crypto assets 

If you want to earn money with your crypto assets that you have in your wallet since long time that you can do it easily.

You can place your crypto assets at lending platforms to get interest of 4% to 12% easily ( depending upon your asset type ) .

  • Easy to put at lending.
  • Don’t require any complicated skill.
  • No limitation with your asset amount.
  • We can do free of cost at few lending platforms.
  • We can get loan with our assets in directly our bank account.
  • Trust issue with websites.
  • Need big amount of fund to get better return.
  • Some lending platforms require KYC.
  • We can miss the perfect time to sell our crypto.
Play Game and Earn bitcoin 

If you have hobby to play games then you can make earning by playing games easily.

You just need to install game in your PC and mobile.

  • Earning without any risk .
  • We can earn money with fun activity.
  • We don’t need any type of investment.
  • We need A good PC or laptop for better game and better rewards.
  • We need to give high effort to get high reward in the game.
  • Time consuming.
  • For a mobile gamer, earning will be very less.

Earn with Gambling & Betting 

If you have decent amount of money in your pocket then you can do gambling but with better strategy or prediction skill otherwise you will loss all your money.

You see our articles about gambling benefit and disadvantages.

  • We can play with our money without documentation process, because we are in crypto field 
  • We can use our skill of prediction in sports games to make profit.
  • We can use our sharp mind to beat the script based gambling games to make high profit.
  • If you want to learn stretagy to increase the chances of profit in gambling then click here .
  • We can loss all of our money.
  • Need bulk amount of money to play at high level.
  • It is very addictive and we can loss of our saving of whole life.
  • Legalisation issue is big factor.  If you are in a country where gambling and betting is restricted then you can’t do but even if you will do then it will be illegal.
  • Gambling websites can scam your money, not all, but few websites which are in gambling field are truly a part of scam. 

Do Job for crypto related websites

You have some better skills like programming knowledge PHP, java, scrypt , HTML , c, c+, c++, python etc .

Or you have knowledge of digital marketing then you can make lots of profit.

You just need to see search websites related with crypto and bitcoin then send your resume about your skills at their mail address.

In the present time and hiring such kind of people who have genuine knowledge and skills.

So don’t waste your time if you have some better skills .


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