Trump’s Crypto Wealth Reaches $25 Million Following New Memecoin Airdrop


The recent airdrop of a new memecoin is largely responsible for the dramatic increase of roughly $26 million in former US President Donald Trump’s cryptocurrency holdings.

“Donald Trump’s memecoin holdings have now doubled, reaching over $20M,” the crypto intelligence platform Arkham said via X, highlighting this tremendous growth. A few days ago, the development team of TROG airdropped half of the cargo to Donald Trump. The listing on Arkham currently lists it for more over $12 million.

TROG draws inspiration from Trump’s political branding and the enduring popularity of memecoins with a frog motif, such as PEPE. To capture the fun and investing opportunities of the cryptocurrency market, TROG’s designers say it’s a mix of meme culture and financial strategy.

“Welcome to the strange, wild world of Trog (Trump Frog) – the meme currency that’s coming to make crypto great again!” the official TROG website jokesly states. Trog is a hilarious cryptocurrency that mixes the revolutionary spirit of memes with the iconic internet culture that spawned it, all thanks to the one and only Donald Trump.

The value of TROG has been steadily increasing, and Trump now owns more than $14 million worth of this memecoin in his possession. Due to this huge gain, Trump’s total cryptocurrency wealth is now a whopping $25.97 million. Ethereum ($1.79M), Wrapped Ethereum ($1.42M), TROG ($14.05M), and TRUMP ($7.55M) are now his top four holdings.

Aside from the airdropped memecoins and ETH/WETH, Donald Trump’s ETH and WETH come from his own NFT collection, which he acquired and then sold. The money from these sales went into his wallet.

One particular photoshop meme that started it all was one depicting Donald Trump with a green frog covering his mouth and chin. That’s where the idea for TROG came from. It was in May 2017 when artist Mike Mitchell posted many doctored photos of Trump that this meme took off. More than 31,600 people liked and retweeted the first tweet in only one week. Bored Panda, Mashable, and The Daily Dot were among the news organizations who reported the story, and the meme itself became viral, with more manipulated photographs shared extensively online.

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